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Google and Jio Collaboration

Google’s strategic investment in Jio is one of the biggest announcement of AGM 2020, Google is going to invest 33,737 cr ($4.5 billion) for a 7.7% stake. Google and Jio will be working on a new OS for affordable smartphones in India as India is a huge market. There are around 500 million people who don't have any smartphone. This strategic investment will help Indian consumers who can’t afford high-end smartphones and will also help Google and Jio to expand their reach and to get newer customers. This investment of google is a part of the announcement from event Google for India where Google announced that it will invest $10 Billion in India.

Home Grown 5G infrastructure

Jio in the AGM announced that Jio is ready to bring 5G in India. Mukesh Ambani stated that as soon as the auction for spectrum starts Jio will start testing 5G in India and the bigger news in this announcement was that Jio would not take any equipment from China in 5G infrastructure and it will be made in India infrastructure for 5G this time. As of the Indo-China situation and America and China trade war, companies like Qualcomm are also investing in Jio.

JioMeet 5M downloads

After having many issues of hacking and security concerns with Zoom one of the most popular video conferencing app India got it’s own First cloud-based video conferencing app from none other than Jio, JioMeet is the platform by jio that give its users a lot of features like having a video call up to 24hr, 100 people on a single video call, screen sharing and many more. However, JioMeet looks exactly like Zoom.

In 43rd AGM India’s richest Mukesh Ambani announced that JioMeet has crossed over 5 Million downloads combining all the platforms it is available. In this time of Work Form Home JioMeet in India has got quite some popularity very quickly.


Jio Mixed Reality Glasses

After copying the entire design of Zoom for JioMeet, Jio is also is doing innovation on its own by launching Jio Glasses. A cool and filled with cutting edge tech Jio Glasses are Mixed Reality glasses that will be working on a cloud system that can bring 3D virtual classroom or offices that can conduct holographic classes and office meetings in real-time. This dope tech could be very helpful in these times of work from home and also a big help in the education sector as all the classes are on video conferencing nowadays.

                                            In this era of AR and VR, this could be a great game-changer. Kudos to Jio for this innovation, however, there is still no clue when it will be available to the consumers and what will the price for this high-end tech.

Jio TV plus

We all can agree that having multiple subscriptions for entertainment is a headache and many of us are not able to buy multiple subscriptions at one time and having one great show on one platform and another amazing show on other platforms is such pain but here comes Jio saving by bringing JioTV Plus. JioTV Plus is a content aggregator that means just one subscription of JioTV plus will give you almost all the globally top OTT providers at one place like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Voot, SonyLiv, Zee5, JioCinema, JioSaavn, YouTube and many others.It may also come with a subscription for channels in India as most of the Indian consumers watch TV on channel-based subscription.

JioMart with WhatsApp

JioMart is another great innovative idea by Jio that will help small businesses as well as customers around them. JioMart will be a type of E-commerce platform that will be integrated with WhatsApp the most popular messaging platform for a seamless experience and easy to use as WhatsApp is supported by almost every common OS. JioMart will be the platform that will connect local small Kirana stores or merchants to their local customers to get goods quickly and easily at their doorsteps. A few months ago JioMart started for beta testing in 200 cities and will be coming soon for all of us.


Akash Ambani also announces that the Jio App Store on the setup box of JioTV will provide opportunities and welcome new developers to develop new software for JioTV and all the other platforms that have the Jio App Store. This will be a great opportunity for Indian developers to show their skills.

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