How GenAI is game changer for smartphone industry?

The technology boomed in 2022 with the advent of apps such as ChatGPT, Mid Journey, Stable Diffusion, Google Bard, and the likes. The potential of GenAI apps are vast and constantly evolving, and has the potential to revolutionise industries like art, design, entertainment, and even healthcare.

IDC will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing AI revolution as it hosts the META region’s influential technology vendors, telecommunications operators, and IT service providers at IDC Directions 2024 Middle East, Türkiye & Africa. Taking place on February 1 at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, this in-person event will address the theme ‘Preparing Your Customers for an AI Everywhere Future’.

What is GenAI?

Generative AI, or GenAI for short, is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content, rather than simply analysing or classifying existing data. Think of it as a digital artist or a writer, using its knowledge of existing work to produce something entirely original. It relies on AI models that are trained on massive datasets (large language models or LLMs) of text, images, code, or other media, that helps the model.

How are smartphone brands using GenAI?

The latest Google Pixel 8 phone offers the first glimpse of a GenAI smartphone. Using a proprietary processor, and its own LLM that resides on-device, the Pixel 8 Pro can summarise content you have recorded using the voice recorder. It suggests high-quality responses to chats on WhatsApp using the Google Keyboard. It also uses a hybrid approach to make videos and photos shot from the camera a lot better. 

IDC Directions 2024 Middle East, Türkiye & Africa will drive an exchange of ideas. Respected local and global IDC analysts will present their forecasts and predictions as they assess the impact of global trends on the local environment. And experts will delve into the latest advancements within key countries and industries across the META region.

Defining a GenAI smartphone

Industry experts believe the smartphone industry is set to undergo a revolutionary change with the introduction of GenAI devices. Counterpoint Research estimated around 40% of all smartphones, surpassing half a billion units in shipments, will be GenAI-powered, with Samsung expected to capture half of the market.

But what makes a GenAI smartphone? The research firm defines it as a subset of AI smartphones that uses GenAI to create original content, instead of just providing pre-programmed responses or performing predefined tasks. “These devices will run size-optimised AI models natively and come with certain hardware specifications. Our short-term GenAI landscape sees OEM roadmaps touching on four main areas—info provisioning, image building, live translation, and personal assistant applications,” the research firm said.


Similar to Motorola, Samsung’s on-device AI will help with composing emails, summarising documents, and translating content. The Korean corporate showcased a live demo of translating a phone call in real-time while the conversation is ongoing, removing the language barrier between two foreigners trying to communicate.


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