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How to Buy the Best Fitness Band

If you are buying for a health band for the first time, then you have to take care of some factors so that you do now not be apologetic about your buy later. So below, we have referred

How To Edit Videos As a Beginner

You have probably shot the best video and the clips are aesthetically pleasing too. But the real game-changer is the editing process. This not only requires you to have technical knowl

How to prevent smartphones explode?

If a phone is destined to explode, then there isn’t an awful lot that you can do about it. Li-ion batteries incorporate lithium, an particularly unstable metal. That instability is e

Google Photos Locked Folder: Enable on any Android device

Privacy and security is something people are now looking to. Sensing this need from users, companies such as Samsung, Google, Apple and others are now focusing on providing security to

How to boost your smartphone performance

Who says you want to purchase a high-priced smartphone to play games? Even many budget-level smartphones can supply a respectable gaming experience. Most of the Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy

How to Boost your Internet Speed of router & WiFis ?

Using Hardware Fixes Determine how old your hardware is. Unplug your router and modem for a few minutes. Upgrade your router's firmware. Reposition your router. Restart any Internet-connected items.

YouTube to MP3 Converter - Free Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube to mp3 converter - these free tools to download mp3 from YouTube will help you to convert any YouTube video to mp3 file. Convert YouTube to mp3 so, you can enjoy your song offline. This articl

How To Download Your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate via WhatsApp

In good news for the people, the Central Government has now collaborated with the famous instant messaging platform WhatsApp to make it easier for all to download their COVID-19 vaccine certificate. A

How to make your Laptops & PCs faster: Best Tips You Must Try

Is your laptop slowing down, whizzing and whirring as it tries to maintain up with you? Before you spend lots or even heaps on a new computer, you might also locate it solely takes a few easy steps to

How to check your smartphone is hacked or not: Signs to Know

Even if you do not see clear signs of suspicious activity, something malicious can nevertheless be going on at the back of the scenes. One of the high-quality approaches to see if your phone has been

How to block and report text spam

We usually share our number over the internet when we see some exciting offer in exchange for that. This lead to the Spam text, which is really annoying and irritating. You immediately stop and start

How To Start A Successful Blog In 2021?

Learn how to start a blog in less than an hour. Follow the steps we took to create our blog, which now has an audience of over 20 million people and has been featured in the New York Times, TIME magaz

How to Download and Install Windows 11 Leaked Version

After Microsoft's big Windows event, Windows 11 has leaked all over the internet. The new Windows 11 is loaded with amazing UI, a new start menu, centered taskbar, rounded corners, new wallpapers, an

How to Change Background in Google Meet

Video conferencing has taken steep progress amid this covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has promoted the work from home nature. Many IT companies use various tools to conduct meetings and share progres

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