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How To Store Cryptocurrency Offline?

What is a hardware wallet? There is no difference between hardware wallet and a digital bank.  It enables you to receive, send as well as manage your cryptocurrencies.  It is a physica

How to Get Help in Windows 11

On a daily basis, we face problems in our Windows system in some capacity, not that Windows has faults but just that we are not that versed with the Microsoft Product. We'll be providing some easy way

How to create System Restore Point in Windows 11

System restore is a very underrated but useful tool available in Windows to fix a major problem.System restore allows one to go back to your data and settings if accidentally something goes wrong and

How to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

We all have been using Task Manager for various services like finding offensive processes, controlling high disk usage, disabling startup programs, and more. Now Windows 11 has added an Efficiency mod

How to Control YouTube on Android TV Using Your Phone

If you want to control YouTube on Android TV accessing features such as navigation, easier search, liking vids, commenting, and more we have seen that casting is not enough. For this purpose, Google h

How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

Create a Discord Server Role on Desktop 1. Open the Discord server and go to the server name in the top-left corner. From the pop menu select the "Server Settings" option.     2. Now s

How to Share Wi-Fi Password Between Android Phone and Chromebook

Google is trying to make our Chromebooks and Android phones more and more compatible, like now it's possible to view photos from your Android phone on your Chromebook similarly with the notifications

How to view Liked Posts on Instagram

A regular Instagram user likes and comments on a huge number of reels and photos on a daily basis and unless you are in a habit of saving the important ones, it gets messy and difficult to find those.

How to Block Emails on Gmail

As long as you have the sender's email it's a simple procedure to block someone on Gmail. And the process is the same for the mobile apps and Gmail website on a PC browser. Procedure to Block any Ema

How to Enable or Disable Gmail UI

Later this year Google revamped Gmail interface in February, now the newly rolled out features include dedicated tabs for Meet, Spaces, Chat, and Mail in the left sidebar. Several users find this feat

Easy Way to Check your Graphics Card on Windows 11

Here we are going to discover an easy way to check the Graphics card, also the real-time performance of the graphics card and temperature can also be known. Check Your Graphics Card on Windows 11 Usi

How to Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Changing the DNS settings on Windows 11 is essential if you want to increase your privacy. Whether you're accessing a website or an app that is trying to connect to its server in the background, it wi

How to view photos from your Android phone on chromebook

To offer new features as quickly as possible, Google has announced a new release cycle for Chrome OS. A reliable Chrome OS upgrade with new tools and features will now be delivered to you every four w

How to Cease Email Tracking in Gmail

  As we know hackers have become more advanced and savvy, with their encroaching methods becoming way more sophisticated and confidential in recent years. A common trick includes using images i

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