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6 Genius Tech Life Hacks

Technology is made to cater to our everyday lives- from cell phones to laptops, you can do almost anything with just a push of a button or a tap on the screen. However, you can go far beyond with thes

What is Cryptomining? And What are different types of Cryptomining

Cryptocurrencies seem to be developing with each passing year, and many people are developing a great interest in this unique blockchain network. The main reason people are interested in cryptocurrenc

Breification 14: Google’s AI creates its own inhuman encryption that reads emotion

The strategies advanced over time and in the end Bob and Alice had been in a position to talk in reality the usage of the shared key. Eve, on the different hand, had some good fortune decrypting the s

OnePlus Foldable Phone In Works: Similar to Oppo Find N

According to reports, OnePlus is developing its first foldable smartphone. The company plans to release a foldable smartphone based on the Oppo Find N. Here's everything you need to know about O

Samsung Fingerprint IC Chip SoC Announced

Samsung has revealed what it calls the" assiduity's first" each-by-one point security chip (IC) for payment cards. The S3B512C chip reads biometric information via a point detector, stores and auth

Xiaomi Mi MIX 5 Pro Renders

A new proposition came to life moment, as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra seems to have fallen through the cracks. We’ve preliminarily heard that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra wouldn’t come in the first half of

OPPO To Launch 160W Fast Charging Smartphone

In history, we’ve seen some crazy fast charging technologies like the 200W HyperCharge by Xiaomi and 160W rapid-fire charging by Infinix. Still, these crazy pets were noway capitalized. As per a

Xiaomi & OPPO To Commercialize 200W Fast Charging

In history, we’ve seen crazy fast charging technologies from brands like Infinix, which demonstrated its 160W presto charging technology, and Xiaomi, which demonstrated its 200W HyperCharge resu

Face Mask Smart Sensors Launched

A smart detector designed to be placed inside a face mask has been developed by masterminds at Northwestern University, Illinois, who are calling it a “Fitbit for the face.” Dubbed Face

Astronauts Bio Printed Bandage Revealed

Traveling into space is a dangerous bid. Humans have evolved to live on the face of our earth and venturing outside of our atmosphere brings all manner of complications. There are egregious effects, l

Samsung Patents a Laptop That Folds Twice

According to a new report by LetsGoDigital, Samsung has patented a new multi-foldable laptop that folds not formerly but doubly. The patent reveals that the concept works with the stoner first folding

Breification B 12: What is Wireless Air Charging? How futuristic is it.

Although the notion of wireless charging used to be first proposed by way of Nicholas Tesla greater than a century ago, it wasn't till the significant adoption of electrical automobiles (EVs) that lo

Tesla Model Pi: A Mobile Phone To Mine Crypto

Elon has got his own way to shake the world. And, now there are words in the request that Tesla is launching the Tesla Model Pi. The Smartphone with the capabilities to mine cryptocurrency. What Is

Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone 'Pipit'

Back in November 2021, 9to5Google revealed that it came across crucial information about the forthcoming Pixel galère phone with the “Pipit” codename in the APK train of the Google Camera app. No

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