WhatsApp to Integrate Messenger Room on the Web

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  • May 11,2020
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During this lockdown, we have seen many applications by which we can create rooms and have meetings, like Zoom. Previously, Whatsapp has also increased the number of participants limit from 4 to 8 people on a group call (WhatsApp Group Call Limit), now they are working on room creation which would be called Messenger Room. for the WEB.

The specialty of this feature is that you don't need any messenger or WhatsApp account to participate in the Room. Various screenshots surface the Internet from WABETAINFO.

By these screenshots, we can clearly see that on WhatsApp Web, we can create a new room by going to three dots right side of the window. In that, we have the ROOM option through which this can be done. Right now this feature will be added as Messenger Rooms Shortcuts in the 2.2019.6 Web update. There are news for Facebook to integrate room feature in WhatsApp Android Beta (2.20.139 Android beta) update, currently under development.

WhatsApp Messenger Room

Currently, there is no ETA for this feature, though we can surely expect this feature to come on all platforms, Android, iOS, and WhatsApp WEB.
Note: All images are property of WABETAINFO, thanks for all the images used in here. The link to their article is included in this as well.

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