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Top 5 Alternatives of Zoom

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  • Apr 23,2024
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As Novel Coronavirus outbreaks, people were advised to stay at home and follow the "Work From Home" schedule. For this people are using ZOOM (mostly) application to conduct online meetings. These meetings surely help them to plan for upcoming strategies for their esteemed organizations, but at the cost of privacy.

Recently, the ZOOM application has been found to have multiple security concerns, that let hackers steal data from zoom users. Due to these issues, the zoom has to stop implementing new features and started to work on these vulnerabilities so that they can make the system safe. It is also found that around 520,000 zoom account data has been sold on various hackers forum and dark web at a price of $0.002. Full Report.

So keeping these things in mind we have curated a list of Top 5 Alternatives of Zoom, which you can use to conduct online meetings.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - Zoom Alternative

Just like Zoom, Microsoft Teams let you conduct online meetings with ease. You can chat, make a video call to your teammates, access Office 365 documents, collaborate in real-time, and also call anyone from Teams Calling or direct Phone System. Microsoft Teams allows you to host a web meeting of up to 250 participants in comparison to Zoom’s capability to scale up to 1000 participants. Also, it brings perks such as 1TB cloud storage and Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams could surely a great alternative of zoom.

Try Microsoft Team.

2. Hangouts Meet

Hangouts-Meet - Zoom Alternative

Hangouts Meet is an online meeting service from Google. It offers all the features that the Zoom app but hangouts meet is available to G-Suite users only and those who have enrolled the G Suite for Education program. In Hangouts Meet you can just create a meeting and share the link with the participants. And they can easily join the meeting without creating any account whatsoever. And the best part is that, since it’s Google, you have dedicated apps for almost all the platforms so that is awesome. You can add up to 100 participants ion Hangouts Meet but Google has announced that, from July 1, users will be able to create much larger meetings of up to 250 participants and can stream live webinars to 100,000 viewers.

Try Hangouts Meet

3. Discord

Discord - Zoho Alternatives

Discord will be familiar to those who have some interest in gaming. Discord is an online chatting software made for gamers. But, anyone can use it to have an online discussion just we have in Zoom App. In Discord, we can have crystal clear conversations with the feature of screen sharing. Discord also has the support of multiple users to be signed in at the same time without degrading the quality of transmission.

Try Discord APP.

4. Cisco WebEx

CiscoWebEx-Zoho Alternatives

Cisco WebEx can also be an alternative choice to Zoom App. It offers similar features as of Zoom App. It allows you to host a free Webex meeting with 100 participants and members don’t need to create an account to join the meeting which is great. Similar to Zoom’s Basic Plan, you get HD video, screen sharing, and password-protected personal room.

Similar to Zoom App, Cisco WebEx also has a restriction of 40 minutes on its free plan, though you can opt for the paid plan and remove this limit.

Try Cisco WebEx

5. ZOHO Meeting

Zoho Meeting -Zoho Alternatives

Zoho is quite well known for their industry-related services. They offer some of the best services for a company or office. It is basically a one-stop solution for all your business needs. One of the best features of Zoho Meeting is that it’s completely web-based. While apps offer you a broad range of features, you can still join calls and web conferences through a browser even without an app installed. Apart from that, you get all the standard web communication features like screen sharing, audio calls, video conferencing and project collaboration. As for the limit, Zoho Meeting can host up to 100 participants at one time which is nowhere near Zoom, but if you have a small team then it’s pretty good.

Try ZOHO Meeting

Comment down what is your opinion on this and share what you use other than the zoom app. Also, comment if you are still on Zoom app.

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