ZOOM 500,000 Accounts Sold on Dark Web

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  • Apr 06,2023
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Ever thought about your data price on the internet? It's $0.002 for all your data fed on any software. And sometimes you were sold for free (Just kidding). 

The latest Security issue in Zoom App tends to compromise 5 Lacs (500,000) accounts and gets sold on Dark web at a minimal cost of $0.002 per account. These contain details such as Username, Password, Meeting URL and also HostKey which was posted on several hackers forums and on the dark web. Report by Bleeping Computer.

You might be wondering what one can do with all these details, so don't worry, hackers can use it for Zoom bombing, and other malicious activities as well. As per the report, the credentials of these accounts have been gathered via credential stuffing attacks.

In this type of attack, hackers use compromised user credentials of previous breaches and try to get past the authentication methods by reusing the same username and password. Later, the accounts are usually sold on different hacker forums.

Cyble, a cybersecurity intelligence firm, first found these accounts on the forums. The accounts were shared via a text sharing site and were listed with email addresses and password combinations. As a warning, Cyble purchased around 520,000 accounts at a price of $0.0020 from the forum and found that many accounts belong to prominent companies and education institutions.

Note: We suggest our readers change their ZOOM account password, especially if you are using a password that you have also used somewhere else.

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