WhatsApp featured to add contacts with QR codes

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  • Jun 24,2024
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If the thought of typing in someone’s phone number **by hand **seems prehistoric by 2020 standards, then WhatsApp’s about to make your life a whole lot easier. WhatsApp for Android and iPhone will bring QR code support in the coming days, allowing users to add new contacts by scanning their QR codes. It’s not yet clear if the feature will make it out to all of WhatsApp’s 2 billion+ users, but if it’s this far along in testing, it’s likely to pop up fairly soon.  


 A report from WABetaInfo claims that a new beta adds support for using QR codes that’ll let you quickly and easily add new friends. Testers can see a small QR code on their settings page which a new would-be friend can easily scan to get your number and ID. As per WABetaInfo, the feature is available through a server-side update in the latest WhatsApp beta v2.20.171   for Android devices and version for iPhone.

How this feature advantageous?

  • You can now share your contact info with your friends using a QR code
  • The QR codes can be scanned from within the app to add new contacts
  • Even better, to prevent abuse, the QR code can be revoked (unlimited times) if someone shares it online or is otherwise naughty.
  • Lets users quickly add new contacts by scanning a unique QR code
  • It’s a minor feature, but adding contacts on WhatsApp can be a pain. At the moment, the service relies on you adding a new contact to your phone’s address book, which creates an annoying extra step when you just want to be able to message someone in WhatsApp itself.
  • A QR code can also be revoked if it gets shared with someone who you don’t want to have your number.

This isn’t the first way that WhatsApp has used QR codes to grease the wheels for its users, and already uses them to quickly log in to the platform’s online client, it’s not clear how it’ll work if someone you don’t want to talk to asks for your QR code which isn’t as easy as just giving them a fake number.

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