WhatsApp has many hidden and upgraded features that can make your life more easy and solvable. But these features are not mentioned or particularly famous among the users. so we will tell you about those features and help you in using them.

1. Bluetick Hacks

As we know that WhatsApp has a feature using which, the user can stop the changing of color from grey to blue after reading the message. This is quite a user-friendly feature, but sometimes it creates problems on the other side of the conversation.   

As a solution to this, if you send a voice note to the person who's recipient blue ticks are off then the ticks will surely change its color to Blue. The other msg will not change the color, but the voice note will surely do. and that is how you can find out if he/she has checked your messages or not.

Hidden blue ticks solution


2. WhatsApp Customize Emoji

WhatsApp has a new feature of customized Emoji, in which you can click your photo and it will make emojis of different kinds using your image. For this Click on the sticker sign beside the Google on your keyboard -> Click on create new or Add sign and you are ready to click a picture of yourself. The best thing about this feature is that you don't need to download an app for customized app like Snapchat.


3. Fingerprint lock

The WhatsApp now has an in-built fingerprint lock, which to secure your WhatsApp now you don't have to rely on external apps. To enable this fingerprint lock, Settings of WhatsApp -> Accounts -> Privacy -> Fingerprint Lock -> unable the toggle -> touch finger on fingerprint sensor -> set timer -> restart the app.

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