Google Meet will soon bring feature to blur background details

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  • Jun 20,2024
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Google Meet recently crossed the 50 million downloads mark on Google Play Store. Google Meet earlier this month was made free to everyone with a Google account. Google Meet may soon allow users to blur their background during video calls. Google has updated Google Meet app for Android with an important feature that will benefit those who don’t want others to see their surroundings. While Zoom allows you to change the background even without a green screen, Google Meet for Android can blur your background. Google Meet, the video conferencing service by Google, is reportedly working on a new feature that will blur users' background during a video call. The development was reportedly spotted in the APK teardown of Google Meet version 41.5 for Android. Zoom, which allows users to completely replace their background with an image or video.

Google is working to make video conferencing easier for people with messy backgrounds, as the tech giant may be adding a background blur option on Meet. This indicates that Google is preparing to test the feature, starting with its Android app. However, even with background blur, Meet lags behind Google recently made Meet free for all users in an attempt to rival other services, and this latest news shows that it is looking for more ways to garner users.  


  1. One of the biggest advantages of Meet is the additional programs that come with it. Having access to the full complement of G Suite programs, in addition to a sophisticated video conferencing service, is a nice plus for businesses that already use or plan to use this platform.
  2. With work-from-home trending among companies during the lockdown, the feature can include a more aesthetically pleasing look as well as hiding the unnecessary elements in the background during an official video call
  3. It’s more engaging than audio conferencing  
  4. It saves on travel money 
  5. It improves communication 
  6. It connects teams 
  7. It improves productivity 
  8. It improves attendance
  9. It provides more structure for meetings 
  10. It helps employee retention 
  11. It gives you a sustained competitive advantage


Each one has special features and we can expect more will be introduced as more users provide feedback and suggestions. We don’t have the numbers right now but Google Meet is said to have millions of users now especially since many people are working from home. It rivals Zoom and Facebook’s Messenger Rooms. It was also updated to bring low-light mode to video conferencing. Google Meet was also said to be available to everyone for free and true enough, it is now fully available for free for Google users.

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