OnePlus Nord big issues!!!

The factory reset issue doesn't appear to be limited to any specific firmware version as of yet. While company staff members have reached out to most of the users regarding the user, no fix has been reported as of yet. In its report, Android Police said that OnePlus is currently working on a fix. 

Random Factory Data Reset Issue in the users pocket 

Several OnePlus Nord users are complaining about random factory data reset issue. Strangely, there is no notification which the users receive for the data reset. Due to this issue, users have been losing data stored on the OnePlus Nord smartphones. Therefore, it is advised that users should take a backup of their important files and documents until a fix is released. If you are a current OnePlus Nord users, it would be advisable to back up any and all data that you can until a patch is available.

A collection of threads on OnePlus’ own forums (via Android Police) reveal a startling trend. Apparently, some OnePlus Nord users are finding issues with their device that includes the phone randomly rebooting, losing random bits of data, or freezing. Worst of all, some users report that their OnePlus Nord devices are performing a factory reset completely on their own.

Display issues

The problem is the display auto dims after 2-3 secs of inactivity and brightness up again after touching it. It's actually quite irritating. I actually cannot surf the internet on google chrome due to this problem. As for the standard OnePlus Nord, it is one of the most power-packed smartphones in its segment. But, it seems that the handset is giving some trouble to the users despite being a new entry. As of now, the company hasn't given any official confirmation if any update will be released in the coming days. But, the fix for this issue is likely to come as an OTA update which could be released in batches.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  Some users recently reported facing Bluetooth issues where the phone automatically disconnects from the paired device after a few minutes. However, this latest update claims to have fixed this Bluetooth connection stability issue, and it also brings optimized image stabilization performance in the camera app. This OTA update for OnePlus Nord will initially reach a small percentage of users and a broader rollout will begin in a few days. OnePlus Nord users can check for the update in Settings manually if they haven't received a notification yet.

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