OnePlus Nord invite with AR Experience. Buy your own !!!!

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  • Jul 19,2024
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OnePlus Nord is going to launch on 21st July. But due to COVID Physical event is not possible. As a Solution to this Oneplus has planned something new and interesting as always.

If you want to attend the event, you can just buy the invite from Amazon. The Invitation is not just a piece of paper. Through the invitation, you will be able to experience the OnePlus Nord virtually. Isn't it crazy !!!

Amazon India is selling the OnePlus Nord AR Launch Invite with a price tag of Rs. 99. Once you purchase the invite, you need to download the OnePlus Nord AR app from Apple App Store or Google Play to attend the virtual launch and get the AR hands-on experience of the new smartphone. The company will provide on-screen instructions to help you view the immersive space on your smartphone.

OnePlus has also mentioned about some assured gifts for everyone. From past experiences, we can say that the gifts will be worth it.

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