WhatsApp expiring media coming soon: The self-destruction begins

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  • Oct 14,2024
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The screen captures shared by WhatsApp highlights tracker WABetaInfo from the WhatsApp beta show that the informing application would educate the beneficiary about the Expiring Media to include through a spring up message. This would peruse, "This media will vanish once you leave this visit." The message would show up once a media record has been shared utilizing the new element — by squeezing the devoted catch accessible close to the include media alternate way. 

 WhatsApp may bring its new improvement close by the Expiring Messaging highlight that additionally is by all accounts in the designs for quite a while — with some unmistakable proof seen in the WhatsApp beta for Android delivered a month ago. 

The expiring media will vanish one a recipient gets and leaves the chat. Users will be able to send vanishing media by tapping on the expiring media logo next to the 'add media' option. Meanwhile, this new feature is not visible to the end-users. This new feature is likely to be provided, at least, to beta testers in the coming future.

WhatsApp expiring media option

The expiring media works like the expiring messages as it will vanish after a period of time. However, unlike the expiring messages, the self-destructing media won't have a timer to it and will be deleted automatically once the message is seen. It won't leave any message like 'the media is expired' but will simply get erased from the WhatsApp chat.




WhatsApp expiring media in the chat

Currently, there is no word on when exactly the feature will arrive for users or whether or not users will be able to screenshot of the same. WhatsApp is also expected to introduce a multi-device feature that will allow users to use a WhatsApp account from multiple devices, four to be precise. The multi-device feature is likely to work without the internet once it is enabled.

On the other hand, Instagram also offers its users the ability to send a disappearing photo or video as a direct message on its platform. But with WhatsApp, it will have triple the number of users to experience this feature.

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