Huawei plans to launch three new budget foldable smartphones

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  • Apr 24,2023
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Huawei reportedly plans to launch three new foldable smartphones in the second half of 2021. According to a report by DigiTimes, the Chinese tech giant will price them in the mid-range category rather than in the usual premium.

The lower pricing of foldable smartphones is sure to allure mass consumers. This will increase the demand for the foldable smartphones forcing other manufacturers to compete, benefitting the consumers. 

The report further adds that the popularity of foldable phones will also increase the global shipments of AMOLED display panels in 2021 from 4.4 million a year to around 12 million.

Samsung has been ruling the foldable market with its line of foldable smartphones and even plans to launch a new model later this year. Other companies like Asus and Xiaomi are also planning to claim their share in the market with the latter recently launching the Mi Mix Fold with liquid lens technology.

There is no further information on either the specifications or the launch of Huawei’s upcoming budget foldable smartphones and only time will tell the tale.


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