Samsung may launch a Dual- Hinge Galaxy Fold later 2021

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  • Mar 10,2023
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Many companies such as Oppo are testing with displays that can be rolled, while Samsung is experimenting to transform the design of its foldable smartphone. Back in 2019, the Korean giant had launched the foldable phone with "the first-gen galaxy fold. Now the latest reports claim that Samsung is looking to launch its foldable smartphone which will include two hinges.

According to the news by Nikkei Asia, Samsung is working on a phone with a two foldable design and double hinges. In the past, the company has filed a lot of patents regarding this type of device. The device will be in the user's hand at the last of this year.

This all information came into the news when the CEO of Samsung company told that this year the company will not launch any Galaxy note because of the lack of chips supply. That's why now the company has turned its focus on making foldable devices.

Well, the company has still not mentioned more details regarding these devices. As per sources, the foldable smartphones would be of a basic kind ratio that is 16:9 or 18:9. Additionally, it will boost the device to endorse more apps and mobile games. That means it will work smoothly with new features. According to the facts, the company has sold 3.5 million folding devices all over the world. If a company has a purpose to sell as many folding devices as its Galaxy Note then the company has to sell approx 10 million of its foldable devices every year.


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