Xiaomi might be working on an affordable smart tag as an alternative to Apple's AirTags

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  • Jul 02,2023
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Xiaomi might be working on its own version of the Apple AirTag as revealed through a patent filing by the Chinese tech giant. The patent titled, “Method and Device for Finding Objects” was filed back in 2017 and was recently granted.

The patent application number CN106877911B describes a method and device that is capable of finding items. This implies the fact that Xiaomi may be actually working on a smart tag device that helps a user keep track of their items, but maybe at an affordable price tag.

Samsung was the first manufacturer to unveil its smart tags earlier this year, dubbed Galaxy SmartTag+ followed by Apple's offering. Earlier this month, a report suggested that OnePlus may also be working on its own smart tags through a trademark filing.

However, all this based on a patent and so this product might not even see the light of the day. Stay tuned to get further updates!


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