OnePlus smart tag revealed in trademark filing

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  • Jun 02,2023
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OnePlus will soon offer its very own smart tag, after Samsung and Apple. According to a trademark filing on May 18, OnePlus has filed for the name. "OnePlusTag" pointing to the fact that it is in fact, a successor.

As reported by DroidMaze, the trademark filing was made by Beijing Intangible Technology Co Ltd, the parent company of OnePlus, under the registration number 56159145. However, nothing much has been revealed in the filings.

Samsung was the first manufacturing giant to reveal its smart tags earlier this year, dubbed Galaxy SmartTag+. Apple followed with its offering of the Apple AirTags soon after. Now, according to this filing, OnePlus might release its OnePlus tags in the upcoming months.

This means Apple's AirTag and Samsung's SmartTag may soon get a competitor to deal with. 


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