YouTube has a new loop button on Android devices

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  • Jun 06,2023
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YouTube has reportedly started testing a loop button on its Android mobile app. Initially, this feature was only available to a select number of users as reported by DroidMaze last month. However, the test has been rolling out more widely than before as more devices get to test this feature.

According to a report by Android Police, "more and more" users are reported to be able to test this loop button. The loop button has been available on web for a long time but isn't easily accessible and hidden away under the right click menu.

Now, with the loop button on Android mobile devices, it can be easily found within the playback controls. It is quite surprising that YouTube took such a long time to implement this feature. The loop button can be quite handy when you need to listen to your favorite song over and over without having to click on the replay button each time.

However, it could take some time for the loop button feature to reach a majority of users. Till then, good luck with the replay button!



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