Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will use Silicon-Oxygen anode battery; Also teases Surge chipset

  • Mar 30,2022
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The Xiaomi Global event on March 29 promises exciting new products including, the Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi Mix 4 with liquid lens technology. In a recent teaser on Weibo, Xiaomi has hinted at the battery technology used in Mi 11 Ultra and a new custom Surge chip.

Silicon-Oxygen anode battery

According to the teaser on Weibo, the Mi 11 Ultra will feature a silicon-oxygen anode battery. The company claims that by utilizing the material, the battery will be thinner and result in faster-charging speeds, similar to what happens in an electric vehicle. It will add nano-scale material to the negative electrodes that increase the capacity by 10 times when compared to graphite.

Custom Xiaomi chip

The little-reported custom Xiaomi Chip is either a full-fledged Surge branded mobile SoC or an altogether new custom chip responsible for enhancing the capabilities of the phone. Chances are greater for the latter, but nothing can be concluded as of now and we can always hope for the best.




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