Xiaomi confirms launch of a new Mi Mix model

  • Mar 30,2022
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With only a couple of days left for Xiaomi's global event on March 29, the Chinese giant has confirmed the launch of a new device under its Mi Mix lineup. Xiaomi announced the upcoming smartphone on Weibo through a poster.

Agatha Tang, product PR of Xiaomi tweeted the poster yesterday as given below:

The new Mi Mix will reportedly feature a liquid lens technology for its cameras. It is said to result in a more compact telephoto camera that is also capable of taking macro shots. This eliminates the need for a separate macro camera. Moreover, Xiaomi claims that utilizing a liquid lens will offer faster and more accurate focus.

There are rumors that the device could be the company’s first commercial foldable phone which was teased back in 2019. Since, Xiaomi has not launched new phones in the Mi Mix lineup after the Mix 3, it’s quite possible that the new device could be marketed as the long-rumored Mix 4 or the Mix 4 Pro Max.

The wait is little as the event nears and we shall discover more when the product is unveiled. 


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