Apple reportedly mulls rugged coming this year very soon

  • Mar 30,2022
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According to the news report in Bloomberg company, Apple is thinking to launch the rugged or rocky version of its Apple Watch especially designed for use in hard and extreme environments. The company has said to release the watch as soon as early this year or else in 2022. The watch will be similar to other watches but with more strength and hardcover or exterior. Even the report said that Apple is also thinking to add some new swim-tracking features for the watches.

Moreover, the other watches of the apple company are so popular no doubt and they are water-resistant up to 50 meters. Thus not so durable for extreme activities like water skiing without any other external protection. And because of this many other companies have got a chance to launch their products with good quality like Suunto and Garmin.

As per Bloomberg, Apple has decided to release the rugged version of watches earlier too but never couldn't be able to release as there were chances that the release may get delayed or cancelled. However, the new rugged model will be delivered with the other traditional Apple Watch like the Apple watch SE. Well, overall the rugged version will be much more durable than other watches.


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