Apple iOS 17 Leaked Code with Concept surfaced online

A virtual assistant can only be good if it understands you and collects as much of your data as possible. Due to their so-called privacy-centric approach, Apple can’t do that. Improvements to Siri are long overdue. We sincerely hope Siri gets more intelligent and can relate your recent speech to what you said earlier.

iOS 17: Leaked Code

Reminders, Files, and Mail might see minor design tweaks to simplify their use and accessibility, making them more functional. The Apple Music app might get a long-awaited UI re-design as well.

According to the leaked Code, iOS 17 is under development for six devices with a dynamic island. Considering that we currently have only two, the other four probably refer to the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

This confirms that all the iPhone 15 models will come with Dynamic Island. We expect better image processing and better cooling for the high-end 15 Pro Max/ Ultra model, and the Code hints the same.

The codename of iOS 17 is allegedly “Dawn.” If we assume these leaks are accurate, then iOS 17 isn’t looking like a visual revamp with several new features. Still, it’s a minor refinement for giving iOS the reputation of software polish again.

iOS 17 Concept

  • Popular graphic designer Parker Ortolani developed a new design concept for iOS 17. The improvements focus on lock-screen design, better use of Dynamic Island, and also enhancements to Siri.
  • The concept shows more personalisation to the lock screen than possible now. There are many more playful fonts in different colours that are funky and professional. It’s easier to switch between lock screens too.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you can share your watch face with your friends and family members. Putting a similar option on iPhones is a welcome addition. The concept shows this really well, and sharing makes customisation much easier.

In this imaginative design, the dynamic island sees a lot of functional changes. You can move between ongoing activities and talk to Siri on the go. Notification delivery looks much better too.

The UI looks similar to live activities. These subtle changes make multitasking on iOS way better.

Finally, the concept visualizes a much better Siri. Apple’s Virtual Assistant is still miles behind what Google offers, and we hope iOS 17 puts some effort into that. The concept mentions integration with Chat GPT, but we’ll not see that. The new Siri keeps track of conversations and maintains the flow. The concept shows that Siri can answer your questions properly without spamming web links.

iOS 17 Details Leaked

  1. A new report from HowToiSolve mentions that iOS 17 will not be a major UI/ UX design revamp. We won’t see too many new features either. It’ll be a minor update that’s focused on stability.
  2. The update won’t be as significant as iOS 16′ lockscreen revamp. The latest iOS 16.3 update brings two-factor authentication via physical security keys and also fixes many bugs.
  3. Ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2023 in June, the report talks about iOS 17, which will ship with the iPhone 15 series in September 2023. The source is reliable and has a good reputation for the accuracy of leaks.
  4. You can expect iOS 17 to look nearly identical to iOS 16 in terms of the UI design. Supposedly, Apple wants to enter the world of Virtual Reality with an AR/ VR Headset in 2023.

Alleged new features

  • Since the main focus was the lock screen with iOS 16, we could see some better home screen customisation with iOS 17. This version will obviously support Apple’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset.
  • Google recently rolled out Coolwalk UI for Android Auto. Apple might come up with their own version of a revamped CarPlay UI with better multitasking.
  • With AI tools like Chat GPT taking off, Apple is rather late to jump into the AI game. So, there’s a chance that Apple will put their powerful NPUs and neural engines to better use and improve the performance of Siri.
  • Finally, support for side-loading and downloads from multiple app stores is a long-rumoured feature, which might come true in 2023 thanks to the laws from the European Union.
  • If Apple breaks open the walled garden, this is welcome news to developers. However, there’s also a chance that Apple will limit its use and impose several restrictions, making it hard to access for an average consumer.
  • The problem with sideloading is that Apple will lose out on revenue from the App Store. With the current system, developers have to pay a 30% tax initially to host any in-app purchases. Apple keeps a cut for providing the App Store as a platform.
  • Existing methods like AltStore are too cumbersome even for technology enthusiasts. If Apple makes sideloading easy on iOS, they will lose a good chunk of the revenue they make from their software.
  • Regardless, if they still openly allow third-party app installation to comply with EU laws, iOS will gain more power usability. This is a major freedom point, and many people who avoid iOS due to its limitations will find a new selling point.
  • Their priorities this year probably lie in optimising that. So, iOS gets a temporary sideline and will only see minor refinements for better stability and optimisation.
  • Since iOS 16 was a bughouse, with several reports of app crashes and janky UI, display problems post-updates, disappearing wallpapers, Wi-Fi disconnections, visual inconsistencies, etc., it’s good news that Apple isn’t focusing on adding too much with iOS 17.


iOS 17’s primary focus will be making it work well with their Virtual Reality headset. According to the report, Apple is also planning to improve its efficiency with iOS 17, so the battery life of all supported iPhones might see a few minutes of an increase in screen-on time.

The update does not offer much on the UI front, but we might see improvements to first-party apps. Apple could develop a new first-party app to support the AR/VR Headset. We expect Home, Fitness, Find My, Wallet, and Apple Pay to see better UI navigation and design.


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