Twitter finally complies with the new IT rules in India; appoints a resident grievance officer

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  • Jul 16,2024
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Twitter has finally complied with the new IT rules 2021 of India, thus saving its status as an intermediary platform. The social media giant has listed an individual named Vinay Prakash as its resident Grievance Officer in India and has also published a compliance report adhering to the new IT guidelines.

As per the new IT rules 2021, social media companies with over 5 million users were required to appoint a chief compliant officer, a grievance officer who is a resident of India and is responsible for the regulation and resolving content on the platform.

Other companies such as Facebook and WhatsApp had already complied with the new rules either fully or partially except for Twitter. As a result, the latter faced legal issues with the government where it lost its position as an intermediary content and even got delisted from the liability protection list.

However, with the recent compliance, Twitter seems to be ready to mend all ties with the Indian government. Twitter has finally appointed a grievance officer and has even provided the contact details of the responsible individual on its official support page.



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