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Twitter Ban in India? Twitter No Longer Enjoys Liability Protection in India, Says Delhi Court

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  • Jul 09,2023
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The Government of India has introduced New IT rules in 2021 earlier this year. On a short note, these rules bind the social media platforms to establish an itermediatary grievance officer to solve various issues regarding the content being published on these platforms and remove any objectional content within 36 hours, which Twitter has failed to do. As a result, there are many legal issues that arise and today is the hearing for the same.

In today's hearing as Twitter has failed to comply with the New IT Rules 2021, Twitter won't enjoy the "Safe Harbor" protection policy. This is something that will make things worrisome for Twitter.

What is "Safe Harbor" Protection?

Safe Harbor protection is a guard given to social media platforms by the Indian governement. As we know Social Media platforms are meant for sharing social thoughts and there are many opinions that might cause trouble for the platforms, so as per this guideline, the platform won't be held accountable for the opinion shared rather the person sharing the feed will be accountable.

But, as Twitter has failed to comply with the New IT rules 2021, Government has taken away the Safe Harbor protection from it and has been given time up to the next hearing to clarify why they are not able to comply with the policies and how much time they would need to fully comply with these new IT rules.

Moreover, we are familiar with the fact that Twitter is the platform where people can share anything without any pressure, and if "Safe Harbor" protection has been taken away then it would be impossible for them to stand upright legally considering the content being shared.

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