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Google Pay Glitch: Several Lucky Users Get Upto Rs. 88,000 Accidentally!!!

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  • Apr 10,2023
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The term "dogfooding" refers to when a company's employees test a new feature or service before making it available to the public. This suggests that Google accidentally sent out cash to random users for "testing" Google Pay features instead of paying their employees who actually tested them. There seems to have been a glitch that caused this issue. Some users claimed that they were contacted by Google via email after the amount was credited.   

Detailed Explaination

  • The issue was described by journalist Mishaal Rahman on Twitter.
  • He noted: "Well, Google Pay seems to be handing consumers free money at random right now.
  • My Google Pay account just opened, and I noticed that I have $46 in "rewards" that I received "for dogfooding the Google Pay Remittance experience." What." Rahman also provided instructions on how to determine whether or not one has received the "rewards."
  • He noted: "Check to see if you have any "rewards" near the top of the "Deals" page in GPay after opening it. That's how I understand this.
  • This is probably a mistake, therefore the money will just remain in my account for the time being, lol."

If you happen to be one of the lucky Pixel users who received a free credit, it's unclear whether or not you get to keep the money. However, based on Google's response to the issue, it seems like you may be able to keep the cash if the company is unable to reverse the payment.


These transactions ranged in value from $10 to $1,000. (approx Rs 80,000 when converted to INR). The corporation quickly realized its error and reversed the credited amount in cases where it was possible, thus the users' joy was only really momentary. Since consumers had already moved or spent the money, Google stated that no further action was required and that the users could keep the money.


According to reports, this incident happened due to a Google bug. The amount was received only by Google Pixel users. No cases of were reported in India as across the country Google Pay is a UPI app and in other countries, Google Pay works as a wallet.


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