Twitter loses its position as an intermediary platform in India after non-compliance with the new IT guidelines

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  • Jun 14,2024
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The new IT rules implemented in India this month witnessed social media giants like Facebook and WhatsApp adhering to the guidelines. However, Twitter seems to be the only one refusing to comply with the rules as it had deliberately failed to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer in due time.

This action has led to Twitter now losing its position as an intermediary platform in India. Indian news agency, ANI tweeted that the microblogging platform will now be considered as the editorial publisher of the content. That is, Twitter will now be held accountable by the Indian Government for any unlawful content discovered on its platform rather than the user who shared it.

As per the IT guidelines 2021, social media companies are required to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer who is based in India. He or she would be responsibe for monitoring and regulating content shared on these social media platforms. 

Twitter has been ignoring the government guidelines and is currently the only social media company which has decided not to comply, citing that the new rules go against the user's "Right to Freedom of Speech". The Indian government had even sent an Ultimatum recently but Twitter seems to be defending its stand.

Thus, following any discovery of unlawful content on its platform, Twitter will be liable for punishment under the new IT act 2021 and the penal codes as well.



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