Facebook, WhatsApp And Twitter Will Not Be Banned in India

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  • May 31,2021
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This is the good news for all the social media users, now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp will not get banned in India. New IT rules are formed which says that for non-compliance all the social media platforms may face some legal proceedings but they are not going to get banned. 

There was a huge rush among various social media users that soon all of them including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp will be banned in the country. But according to new IT rules, no social media platforms will get banned. The new IT rule 2021 or Information Technology Rules 2021 has come into influence after the three-month window that was given to the leading social media platforms to acknowledge these guidelines. These were first released in February. 

According to the new rules, all the social media platforms having more than 50 lakh users are considered as big social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Koo App and Instagram. These new rules say that social media platforms have to appoint a resident grievance officer as an aspect of a larger grievance redressal mechanism, monthly compliance reports for Indian users, self-regulation mechanism and active monitoring of content on the platform. All the users of these social media platforms were panicked because if these platforms didn't accept these guidelines, then they would be banned from the country. In this situation, subsection 1 of section 79 of IT rules 2021 comes into action. This subsection tells that if the intermediary fails to detect these rules, the conditions of subsection (1) of section 79 of the Act will not be acceptable for such intermediary and the intermediary will be responsible for punishment under any law for the time being in action including the conditions of the Indian Penal Code and the act. 



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