TikTok may be Coming Back to India as "Ticktock"!

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  • Oct 30,2023
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TikTok rebranded as TickTock, may make a comeback in India shortly.

ByteDance, the parent company, has applied for a trademark in the country with the same name. Since the prohibition, PUBG Mobile has returned to India under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In the same fashion, TikTok may now relaunch in India under the name TickTock. The short tape social media platform has been considerably popular in India, and other akin India- made apps have popped up since the ban.

Gyrations, an erect short tape format akin to TikTok, was also created by Instagram and came as an instant sensation.

On July 6, ByteDance applied for a trademark in India for the new TikTok name, TickTock.

The parent company filed the new name under Class 42 of the Fourth Schedule to the Trade Mark Rules, 2002, which means it can be used for “scientific and technological services and examen and design relating thereto; manufactured analysis and examen services; design and development of computer accouterments and software.”

It's not the first time ByteDance has been rumored to be bringing TikTok back to India under a new brand and with a wholly- possessed essential in the nation. TikTok's return will come as no surprise now that Krafton has successfully launched PUBG Mobile in India under a new name.

Notwithstanding, the reality behind ByteDance could be a little different. Unlike Krafton, a South Korean game company, Fields Mobile India was launched in the country after the company split all relations with China.

ByteDance is a Chinese company, so launching TickTock in India may want a different approach.

Society will have to follow the new IT guidelines, and all stoner data will have to be recovered locally. TikTok had over 20 crore stoners in India at the time of the ban, and since either, numerous stoners have switched to ways, with multitudinous suchlike apps remaining popular to this day.

Instagram Whirls has also taken a significant wad of the request, so ByteDance will have to stick TickTock wisely if it wants to be as popular as TikTok in 2020.

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