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The big flood of Fraud e-commerce websites amid a festive season in India!

According to cyber experts, the Facebook method to collect users’ comments and figure out the “health” of the advertiser’s Page takes about a month — which is a lengthy adequate window for cybercriminals to con customers and flees.

Important factors to contemplate over

Once they get hold of repayments for their orders, they extend in dispatching the merchandise, and through the time Facebook completes its comments procedure to recognize whether or not the advertiser is legit or a scam, the fraudsters make speedy cash and shut their operations as soon as Facebook publicizes they are cyber offenders and treats them as “unhealthy”.


These scamsters pay insignificant money to promote their merchandise with the aid of Facebook Pages, show faux and low-priced Chinese merchandise as actual on their e-commerce portals and con users, he added.

Examples are referred to below

Case 001:

Sujeet Verma, one such cyber fraud victim, posted on "I have ordered and paid online however no response and they did no longer supply the ordered item. They are FRAUD."

Case 002:

Sunil Gupta, every other user, said: "I ordered an SSD (solid nation drive) and paid online. This internet site is fraud however unluckily supported by way of Facebook and all commercials are displayed on my Facebook account. After paying, no responses from website."

Case 003:

Ayush, a Gurgaon-based user, lately ordered a mini-pocket charger for smartphones for Rs 1,668, solely to comprehend that his cargo was once by no means going to arrive. He has now registered a criticism in opposition to the e-commerce internet site at the Gurguram Police Cyber Crime Cell.

The portal now ceases to exist, has fooled them into buying technology products, only to disappear once orders were made and the money transferred.

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