BGMI 140,000 Accounts Ban !

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  • Sep 20,2024
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced strict countermeasures for illegal programs and activities affecting the sport.

Developer Krafton said it's banned over 140,000 accounts every week and has provided details on what could lead to getting one’s account banned.

The free-to-play battle royale game will send players a notice if it detects any criminality and allow them to conduct repairs to get rid of any unwanted data before enforcing a ban.

BGMI says players can get banned if they downloaded the game from unofficial channels or have illegal supporting programs running on the device.

Through a post on its website, Krafton mentioned that it'll take serious measures to restrict illegal activities and programs running on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Players will get a warning message pop up if they need a version of the sport downloaded through an unofficial channel, have illegal or supplementary programs installed on their device, are using a rooted or a jailbroken device, using another player's account, or when abnormal data is detected. The warning messages started shooting up for players on September 15.

Krafton is additionally giving players the choice to conduct routine repairs that ought to fix most issues and adjust the modified data back to normal.

Players can conduct routine repairs by clicking on the arrow icon on the lobby screen after launching BGMI on their Android or iOS device. From there, they will attend Settings > Basic > Sign off > Repair > Check Routine Repair > OK.

Once these steps are followed, players can log in again. If the pop-ups are ignored and these steps aren't followed, it could lead to the players' accounts getting expelled.

Battlegrounds Mobile India also banned 142,578 accounts during the week of September 3 to September 9.

Krafton says it'll device strong sanctions to get rid of the utilization of illegal programs and to improve the gameplay experience for all players.

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