GTA 6 release date update shared by Rockstar parent company

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  • Nov 14,2023
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The business has finally revealed the GTA 6 trailer for the eagerly anticipated game, and after months of quiet, attention is now turning to the GTA 6 release date. The little statement from Rockstar has already become the most popular tweet ever about gaming. With the exception of the guy who lost a wager and had to swallow his own faeces, fans are understandably excited. Although we don't know when the game will be released and we can't guarantee that the trailer will show one, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, may have just given away a significant hint.

Rockstar's Silence Breaks

Reliable video game journalist Jason Schreier revealed recently that Rockstar Games is preparing to release the GTA 6 trailer early in December, citing insider knowledge. Gamingbible stated that the developer formally confirmed the leak, even though the studio had previously held fans in suspense.

As fans get ready for the possible release of Grand Theft Auto 6, excitement is in the air. It is advisable to exercise care, though, as longtime fans of Rockstar Games are aware of the studio's propensity for leaks and teases. It's possible that the gameplay will only be partially shown in the game's trailer.

Leaks and Speculation

  • Adding to the speculation, sources on Reddit, notably the X account Rockstar Universe, claim inside information pointing to a potential release window.
  • According to these sources, GTA 6 was initially slated for a 2024 release but has been pushed back to 2025.
  • This aligns with statements from Rockstar informer Tez2 and Rockstar Games publisher Take-Two Interactive, reinforcing the credibility of the leaked information.
  • As the saying goes, there's often no smoke without fire.

GTA 6 is anticipated to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, ushering in a new era for the iconic gaming franchise. As the release window speculation gains traction, fans are eagerly awaiting further details from Rockstar Games in the weeks to come.

The internet blew up with excitement in record time yesterday, resulting in cries of joy from fans, ourselves included. No, the trailer isn’t here yet, but it will be next month – unless Rockstar decides to surprise us and create even more social media chaos. Well, that's already what its parent firm is doing, albeit with more aggravation than joy. Rockstar's presentation of the GTA 6 video has stoked anticipation and provided insight into the game's development and possible release schedule.


Hopes are high for a release date or at least a release window reveal too, and answers are expected in the coming weeks. Until the trailer drops in December, we’re back to rehashing old leaks, deep-diving into possible lore, features, and plots, while waiting on tenterhooks to see if Rockstar sneak attacks us with an early trailer reveal.

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