Amazon's Prime Gaming to be launched in India soon  

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  • Dec 07,2022
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Amazon Prime Gaming, which is already available in a few countries, gives you access to in-game as well as PC games, as long as you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. This is available at no additional cost. Amazon India has not currently confirmed when this service will launch, however, it is evident that the company is doing to do so soon since they have already launched a webpage announcing the same. 

“With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership) unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favorite games and a rotating collection of PC games…each and every month,” the company describes on the site.

Prime Gaming is operational in over a dozen market. The service, a revamped version of Twitch Prime, was originally launched in the US in 2016. It offers users a host several other perks including in-game loot at no additional cost and a range of Twitch-focused features.

Amazon was likely testing Prime Gaming links

It seems like Amazon's Prime Gaming page went live earlier than planned. Or, Amazon was probably conducting some tests. Some Amazon users saw a dedicated Prime Gaming banner on the e-commerce website but clicking on it threw an error. Now, the banner has been removed and only the Prime membership page is visible.

Prime Gaming's portfolio in India should be similar to US

Though Amazon India is yet to confirm anything, a formal announcement could happen in the coming days. Meanwhile, in the US, Prime Gaming is offering eight games this December, including QUAKE, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, DOORS: Paradox, Desert Child, The Amazing American Circus, Rose Riddle 2, Banners of Ruin, and Spinch.Prime Gaming in India should offer these titles too.


It comes included with the Prime membership, and offers instant access to tons of games, with new additions every month. It also provides users with a range of gaming perks including in-game loot and Twitch-focused features.Prime Gaming is already operational in several markets.


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