TECNO Introduces World's 1st Telescopic Macro Lens

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  • Jan 09,2023
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Smartphone cameras are one of the crucial rudiments and continue to be upgraded with each new generation. With a 108MP camera and a 200x drone lens, mobile photography has come a long way. The rearmost invention comes from Tecno, which introduced a new telescopic macro lens that can be extended from the body of the phone.

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As a result, the quality of macro images taken from mobile phones is bettered. Enhances the camera’s drone point, allowing druggies to extend the camera from the device. Tecno has released the sanctioned teaser videotape for the new telescopic macro lens. The videotape shows a deputy phone with a lens extending from the lattice.

The videotape also shows a retractable lens that allows the stoner to take a picture of the subject from a distance. According to the company, the results of the new lens can be compared to the main camera with a drone of only 5x. new techno The telescope macro shooter is perfect for clicking on filmland of the night sky in addition to filmland of wildlife.

In addition, Tecno says there's room for larger orifices in expandable lenses. This makes firing in dark surroundings ideal. In addition, a popular Chinese company said the new camera design is compact and requires too important space under the hood. Still, Tecno declines to give details.

Tecno Telescopic Macro Lens Should Apple, Samsung Solicitude?

Let’s admit it. Advanced smartphone prints are Exquisitely possible with decoration midrange bias and over. For mobile photography, Apple iPhone Despite having launched bias with one or two lenses for generations, we've secured one of the loftiest species. Next, Google and Samsung are incorporating the rearmost technology into their smartphone prints.

Other brands similar as OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Xiaomi also offer mobile phones with veritably good cameras. The new Tecno telescopic macro lens with its own expandable design should surely worry about these brands. Still, keep in mind that this videotape contains only ersatz models. It's unknown when smartphones equipped with this technology will arrive.

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