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Xiaomi Patents An All-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

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  • Jan 09,2022
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Lately, from the Chinese public patent database, one bigwig from China has revealed that Xiaomi was lately awarded the patent of a new point surveying technology, which allows the stoner to be suitable to use the point detector on any part of the screen. This is great news for the end- stoner, as you need not try as numerous times to unleash your phone as you need not place your cutlet directly on the under-screen point scanner for it to be registered presently because you can now unleash it anywhere on top of the screen.

In the patent, Xiaomi showcases how the technology works in that it'll have an array of infrared LED light transmitters underneath the capacitive touch-screen subcaste and above the normal AMOLED display. The array of infrared light receivers will be located above the infrared LED light transmitters. All the infrared LED light transmitters and receivers mentioned above are the core structure blocks for the all-screen point scanner.

First, when the stoner wants to overlook their point on the screen, he touches the screen with his cutlet, the capacitive touch screen registers the touch, the position and shape of the fingertip, also the array of infrared LED light transmitters emits light out the screen at only the shape and position of the fingertip. Do note that the girding LED light transmitters won't light up in this case.

Next, the infrared light will be reflected back after in contact with the fingertip and reach the infrared light receivers. The data of the infrared light speed will also be used to collude out the figure of the point, and also will compare to your saved point details to corroborate if the stoner is the same as the one saved. However, the stoner will be suitable to unleash his smartphone from any part of the screen!

If true. Huawei actually submitted a patent of their own screen characteristic technology back in August 2020 in six requests, including China, Europe, the US, Japan, Korea, and India. Still, the technology has not been blazoned yet, which may be caused by force warrants towards the company. Then to hope that Xiaomi will be suitable to bring this technology to the smartphone request soon.


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