Titan Launches EyeX Smart Glasses

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  • Jan 24,2024
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At a time when companies like Google and Bose are floundering to bring smart spectacles to the mainstream request, Titan has launched a brace of low-budget smart spectacles in India. The new smart spectacles called the Titan EyeX to come with a bunch of smart features including touch-grounded controls, open-observance speakers, and a fitness tracking system. They contend with the Bose Frames in India were launched at a starting price of Rs and the Snapchat Specs 3 are available at a price of Rs in the country.

Contrary to these, the recently launched Titan EyeX smart spectacles bring Rs in India and they're available for purchase in India in a Night Black color variant via all Titan Eye stores and on the sanctioned website of Titan Eye. This price, still, is anticipated to go higher with traditional lenses.

Titan EyeX specifications

Coming to the specifications, the recently launched Titan EyeX smart spectacles are powered by an unidentified Qualcomm processor and they feature touch-grounded controls on either side. Druggies can admit or reject calls, control music, start a donation, and indeed click a selfie using the touch-grounded controls. The Titan EyeX smart spectacles open- observance speakers for audio with truly wireless stereo (TWS) and clear voice prisoner (CVC) technologies, which adjusts the audio volume grounded on the ambient sound, all of which enable the druggies to hear the music while still being apprehensive of the surroundings.

Talking about connectivity, the recently launched EyeX smart spectacles have Bluetooth5.0 for connectivity. They feature support for both Android and iOS- grounded bias and have a compatible companion app for both OSes. Also, they feature support for hands-free calling, voice-grounded navigation, and voice announcements.

One of the most intriguing features of Titan’s EyeX smart spectacles is the presence of an erected-in pedometer that helps druggies keep a track of their diurnal step count and the calories burnt. They also feature IP54 water and dust resistant coating and erected-in shadowing capabilities for tracking the smart spectacles. Incipiently, the battery life. The Titan EyeX smart spectacles offer a battery life of over eight hours.

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