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Xiaomi & OPPO To Commercialize 200W Fast Charging

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  • Jan 22,2024
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In history, we’ve seen crazy fast charging technologies from brands like Infinix, which demonstrated its 160W presto charging technology, and Xiaomi, which demonstrated its 200W HyperCharge result. While these pets were insane, they weren't relatively ready for marketable use due to a number of safety prerequisites. Still, now, Digital Chat Station reveals that speed as presto as 200W may soon get capitalized.

As per the bookmaker, Xiaomi and OPPO are experimenting with the 200W fast charging result at the moment. These companies are anticipated to bring the 200W result for marketable use, meaning that you may see your coming Xiaomi or Oppo phone whisked with a 200W presto charging appendage. Or, at least will be suitable to buy a 200W appendage independently.

To recall, Xiaomi’s 200W charging speed demonstration for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro proved that the result could charge the phone’s entire mAh battery in under 8 twinkles. It just took 3 twinkles to get to 50 and 44 seconds to get to 10.

As of now, we don’t have any sanctioned evidence as to when we might see the technology for marketable use. But one report revealed that Xiaomi may start the mass production of the 200W fast charging result by Q2 of this time.

As for Oppo, the company before started mass producing the 125W wired presto charging technology. It's testing the technology with binary-cell batteries and enforcing smart charging technology with the help of battery safety discovery chips. Having said that, the company may also start mass-producing the 200W result and we might see it soon.

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