Facebook Data Breach: 267 MIllion Acoounts sold on Dark Web for $541


  • Apr 14,2022
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This quarantine period Hackers are using their skills to kill boredom. 267 Million Facebook accounts have been sold on Dark Web for 541$, as reported by Cyble.

Facebook data breach

The data in the breach includes names, phone numbers, Email addresses, date of births and other personal details, But there was no mention of Passwords. But the data was sufficient to manipulate the audience and other frauds.

Cyble told Bleeping Computer that its researchers are verifying the data and adding it to their breach notification service. They are yet to identify how the data was leaked; however, Cyble believes that “it might be due to a leakage in third-party API or scrapping.”

In December there was another breach of Facebook which interestingly includes the same numbers of accounts, but this time thankfully passwords were shared in the sold data. 

For a safe side, we would recommend you to change your passwords.

Facebook has gone through many cyber attacks but this time FB was not the only one, Zoom had also got some hits by hackers this month.


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