Continuous Scrolling Comes to Google Search !

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  • Oct 24,2024
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Google Hunt is refreshing its UI with a new point, that will make scrolling easier than ahead on mobiles. The new point enables users to continuously scroll results while using Google Hunt.

The software mammoth has formerly started rolling out the nonstop scrolling point for both iOS and Android phone users in the US.

The company blazoned the launch of the point via a blog post. The update is meant for Google Hunt on mobile and will automatically display further results when users scroll to the bottom of a results runner.

This will in turn exclude the need to tap on a button, to get further results while browsing through a set of Google Search results on mobile.

The update is set to make browsing hunt results further flawless on the mobile bias, as per Google.

While browsing when users reach the bottom of a hunt results runner, the coming set of results will load automatically with applicable details.

In other news, Google lately introduced a guitar tuner right within Google Search, which was first spotted by Android Police. The point can be penetrated on nearly any device. Users can pierce the guitar tuner, by simply doing a query in Hunt on mobile or desktop.

Users can just class; “google tuner” to see it appear right on top of the results runner. It's important to note that the device you’re using should have a functional microphone to be suitable to hear your instrument. You'll also need to give the tuner point authorization to pierce it.

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