Android 12 Codename Revealed !

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  • Oct 18,2024
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Google has officially verified the sticky codename of its latest mobile OS Android 12, and it’s not a total surprise. Google abandoned its habit of attributing alphabetically sequenced cate names to its Android performances after Android 9 Pie – at least officially. Internally, it’s a different matter. It turned out that last time’s Android 11 went by the name ‘Red Velvet Cake’ within the corridors of Google HQ.

Before you start assuming about what the law name for Android 13 will be, we’ll save you the bother. Google has formally revealed what it’s being appertained to internally ‘Tiramisu’.

Now the delicious codename of Android 12 has surfaced to be ‘Snow Cone’. Google VP of Engineering Dave Burke twittered the big reveal to celebrate the launch of Android 12. We knew that the name was going, to begin with, an S, of course, and thanks to the digging of XDA-Developers we also had a suggestion that this would be a two-word title beginning ‘SC’. It turns out that those two letters are each over the Android 12 source law.

Now that we’ve gotten the important news of Android 12’s internal codename out of the way, we can switch our attention to the minor stuff, similar to the impending launch of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Google has just verified that it’s to hold a launch event on October 19 at 10 am PST (6 pm UK time). To accompany the news, Google has launched a quirky interactive microsite featuring colorful ‘moods’, which you can shift using the spacebar. Jon is a seasoned freelance pen who started covering games and apps in 2007 before expanding into smartphones and consumer tech, dabbling in life and media content along the way.

I have keen interest in areas such as Finance, Research, Block Chain Technology etc.


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