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Apple iPhone Not Moving to USB Type-C !

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  • Oct 19,2024
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Rumors about a USB-C iPhone aren’t new. Ever since Apple started switching its USB-A anchorages on the Mackintoshes and Lightning anchorages on iPads to USB-C, people started allowing that would be only a matter of time until the company followed the same path with the iPhone.

So far, we still use Lightning lines on iPhones, but a robotics engineering pupil claims to have created the first USB-C iPhone in the world.

Ken Pillonel, an engineering pupil posted a short videotape on YouTube called “World’s First USB-C iPhone.” There, he shows not only an iPhone X with a USB-C harborage charging, as transferring data, and, eventually, how he managed to switch the anchorages.

Pillonel says he'll publish the full-length videotape of how to produce this mod soon. Indeed, however, it’s nice to see someone who was suitable to switch the Lightning harborage for USB-C, which, by now, would be way simpler for druggies who want more and more a single string for all bias.

How likely is it for Apple to introduce a USB-C iPhone?

Lately, the European Commission revealed its plans trying to push Apple to switch its Lightning harborage to USB-C. What’s more likely, still, is that Apple creates a port-less iPhone rather than making the switch to USB-C.

Nearly a decade agone, Apple made the only harborage- switching on the iPhone, jilting the 30- leg connector for the Lightning harborage with the iPhone 5. After that, the company seems doubtful to make another switch.

In our iPhone 14 companion, there isn’t for now a single scuttlebutt suggesting Apple will switch to USB-C. On the other hand, a port-less iPhone seems more like it. As we note

For several times, reports have suggested that Apple could introduce a port-less iPhone. This iPhone would not feature a Lightning harborage, and rather be fully wireless. This was formerly bruited to come in 2021, but that doesn't appear to be passing.

Thus, it’s possible that the iPhone 14 is the first iPhone that’s available without a Lightning harborage. Rather than Lightning, the iPhone 14 would support wireless charging as well as Apple’s newest MagSafe technology. Apple is likely to make this change at the high end first with the 14 Pro. The lower-end models would follow over the coming many times.


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