Microsoft Xbox Mini Fridge Available for Pre-orders !

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  • Oct 22,2024
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As promised, Microsoft will start dispatching its Xbox Series X Mini Fridge in time for the leaves. The company said the fridge costs$ 100 and pre-orders start on October 19th. It'll transport in December.

The mini-fridge has its roots in an image Xbox twittered to show the scale of the Xbox Series X versus a full-sized fridge. Microsoft actually made a six- bottom fridge last time to promote the launch of the press.

Now, after a Twitter battle of the brand's palm, a mini-interpretation of the fridge is the commodity you’ll actually be suitable to buy.

Microsoft worked with wares manufacturer Ukonic! on the mini-fridge, which has LEDs and a design to match the Xbox Series X. The small appliance can hold up to 12 barrels of your favorite energy drink or another libation.

There’s some space in the door’s shelves for snacks too. A DC power appendage is included, and there’s a USB harborage, which could come in handy for recharging your Xbox Wireless Controller.

The mini-fridge will be available via Target in the US and Canada. Folks in the UK can buy it from Game for£ 90. The fridge will also transport to France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland at the onset.

Microsoft plans to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to further requests coming time, though where and when depends on nonsupervisory blessings and restrictions in each country.

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