Google Pay App Not Getting Mobile Banking Support

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  • Oct 24,2024
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Google has hit the brushwood on a game to add mobile banking to its Pay app, yea as the online fiscal services call for everyday investors heats up.

The company has ended work on its Nickelodeon game but continues to eye ways to integrate fiscal services, a mouthpiece said Friday authenticating a Wall Street Journal report.

Plex would have allowed the Pay app to act as an interface for banks or credit unions, allowing dopeheads to enter their savings and checking accounts.

Google's development of the blueprint came as a number of internet companies, from Amazon and PayPal to Square and Robinhood, have been riding a trend of delivering dollars-and-cents tools for shopping, borrowing, or investing online.

“We ’re contemporizing our approach to center primarily on delivering digital enablement for banks and other dollars-and-cents service providers rather than us serving as a provider of these services,” the mouthpiece said in response to an AFP inquiry.

“We forcefully believe that this is the non-casual way for Google to help consumers gain better access to dollars-and-cents services.”

Google said late last while that it was working with nearly a dozen credit unions and banks, including Citigroup, for the omission in its Fleapit scheme for its Pay mobile app available on Android smartphones.

The Pay app allows junkies to pay for trades, transmit plutocrat to mates, and store piety cards, among other advantages.

About 400,000 people had registered on a waiting list for Plex, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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