YouTube Views Count in Lakhs?


  • Apr 13,2022
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Today, while browsing through YouTube in my quarantine day, I found something odd. YouTube which used to show view count in the international Metric system as millions and billions is showing views in lakhs and crores.

First, I thought this might be an issue with my own application as it is clearly something odd from YouTube. Moreover, few of the videos are showing views in this format.

YouTube views in Lakhs


YouTube likes and share in lakhs

With the new format, videos with 15,00,000 views will now be displayed as 15 lakh views instead of 1.5M (million), while videos with 500,000 views will be displayed as 5 lakh views instead of 500K. I am not clear whether this feature is in the experimental stage or what as there are only a few people who saw this new format on their devices.

For the uninitiated, in the South Asian numbering system, a ‘lakh’ (or lac) refers to 100,000, while a ‘crore’ refers to 10 million. That means a million is referred to as ’10 lakh’ in the region, while a billion would translate to ‘100 crores’. The system is used across the board in the subcontinent to count money, people or anything else.

Meanwhile, some users who are already seeing (Like me) the new format are kind off opposing the change and are complaining on YouTube’s support forums. Many also claims that changing location to UK and language to English (UK) solves the issue. Either way, if the new system available for you, do let us know if you like it or if you prefer the older format. Though I didn't complain about it, I was suspicious like what is happening to YouTube count and thought it would be a bug but it is not probably.

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