Coronavirus : Symptoms and How to avoid infection

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  • Mar 30,2023
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As we all know that Coronavirus or COVID -19 is spreading all over the world, and till now it did not have any kind of medication. According to the latest stats 4,00,000+ people have been in its effect out of which 111,738 are recovered and 20,000+ deaths have been reported. The World Economy is totally doomed, transportation is blocked, many countries are on lockdown, conditions are just getting worse and worse. But the main question arises that how did we fall in this state so fast, let's talk about that.

Where did the Corona Virus come from?

China claims that it COVID-19 starts spreading in Wuhan, they also say that it was originated from Bat's soup, which is almost a lie as researchers say that it can't be transmitted from animals.

Some theories are raising finger on china, they say that China was preparing a Bio Weapon using this virus which got out of control, and now it is killing thousands of people.

China has already controlled the growth of the virus in their country. On a separate end of the world, Italy, which was on no. 3rd in medical facilities is losing all of its hope day by day. Italy has reported 70,000+ cases out of which 8,000 are recovered and 7,000+ deaths are been reported till now, It is in a worse condition than China.

How CORONA Virus spreads?

COVID-19 is majorly spreading from person to person contact, from air droplets around an infected person.

As it is attacking the lungs of a person cause of which when an infected person sneezes or coughs it emits viruses in the air. 

So, as precautions authorities like WHO( World Health Organisation) have instructed to:

1. Use masks in daily.
2. Use sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol content on a regular basis.
3. Wash your hands regularly.
4. Sanitize your daily work things.
5. Avoid handshakes, avoid hugs, maintain a gap of at least 3m while speaking to someone.
6. And the most important is to self isolate yourself from as soon as you feel sick.  

Check This video on How COVID-19 Spread:

Symptoms of COVID-19

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causes illness in people. Its symptoms in humans are

 ðŸ¤’ Fever
 ðŸ˜ Breathing problem
 ðŸ¤§ Coughing
 ðŸ˜« Tightness of chest
 ðŸ‘ƒ Running Nose
 ðŸ˜¨ Headache
 ðŸŒ¡ Feeling unwell
 ðŸ˜· Pneumonia
 ðŸ’‰ Kidney Failure

It can be difficult to identify the disease based on symptoms alone. Check when you should get tested 👇

You can also view the video on symptoms by Director, AIIMS-Delhi 👇

You can get genuine and authentic information on INDIAN Government WhatsApp helpline No. +91 90131 51515. You will get all the genuine information about the infection. WhatsApp Link : 

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