Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will feature "full phase cooling tech"

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  • Mar 16,2022
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The Mi 11 Ultra is going to be the star of the Global event on March 29 which is also going to unveil the new Mi Mix. The Mi 10 Ultra was launched last year in China and turned out to be a huge success. Hoping for a similar outcome, Xiaomi expects the Mi 11 Ultra to deliver top-notch performance and features.

One of these features include "full phase cooling tech" which was used in the Mi 10 Ultra as well. In a Weibo post, the company's co-founder offered a sneak peek of the new cooling design which supposedly includes - solid, liquid, and gas.

It is said to improve thermal conductivity by 100% by implementing the so-called VC soaking plate (vacuum chamber soaking plate). It has the same working principle as a standard vapor chamber where liquid gets heated, dissipates, turns into hot gas, then into the next chamber where it's cooled down into liquid again and repeats the cycle.

The wait is not long, the launch is tomorrow and we can learn more about this feature then.




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