WhatsApp will be giving options for few customizations

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  • Mar 10,2023
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Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is always working to give new features and updates to the users, either the updates are for the policy or genuine feature update. Currently, WhatsApp is known to be working on a new feature that will help the users to customize the colors inside the App.

This new feature update is coming from the WABETAINFO tweet, where they have pinned some images of the new feature in action.

On a serious note, this might not be a major improvement in terms of customizations though you can change colors as per your liking. Instead of this, WhatsApp should be working on more features such as scheduling messages, etc.

Currently, this feature is under development, and yet not sure whether make a way to the consumers or not. There are chances it would be shipped with some other feature-packed options as well.

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In the meantime, WhatsApp is also testing another feature that will allow one to change audio message playback speed on iOS. This means, the user will be having options for 1.5x or 2x playback speeds, it would be a great feature if 0.5x or 025x layback speeds will also be there. This feature is in beta said and probably be made public with WhatsApp version

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