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  • Mar 02,2023
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Google is reportedly working on a new application in the US, that will store and organize all your documents. This new application is being called Stack. On successful spread, this application would be rolled out to other regions as well.

Google Stack

Google Stack will help you to store and organize your documents. Using this app, Android users click photos of any document and the app will scan it automatically and store it in the respective category such as ID, Bill, Receipt, etc.

This app also bundles the feature of Google Lens, hence you can fetch all the details present in the document which you have just scanned. This will help users to search for the documents easily and fast.

As Stack lets you store ID card details, Google backs this application with Google's "advanced security and sign-in technology", protected by biometric locks. The app will store a copy of your scans to Google Drive so in case you uninstalled the App, still, you can find a backup of the documents.

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