WhatsApp Started Working on Community Feature

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  • Nov 25,2024
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WhatsApp is working on a new community point that will allow druggies to' fluently group other groups. 'WhatsApp Communities is believed to be a new place where group admins will have further control over their WhatsApp groups, allowing them to snappily group together with other groups.

The director of a WhatsApp community is supposed to have further power than the director of a group. According to reports, the WhatsApp Community symbol is square-shaped.

Admins will most probably be suitable to combine some groups together grounded on their participated interests. Druggies can only be added to communities via an invite link.

WABetaInfo discovered this new point under development, which is claimed to be an expansion of Groups.

WhatsApp Communities, according to the features shamus, is likely to be a new point where group admins will have further control over their groups on WhatsApp, allowing them to snappily group other groups. This point isn't available to beta druggies since it's presently in development, and it may take some time before it's made available for testing.

Given the theme, it's likely to attract a big number of like-inclined individualities or those who partake in analogous interests. A WhatsApp Community director is supposed to have lesser control than a group director.

Admins will be suitable to shoot dispatches in this group converse, as well as a group some community-related groups, according to the shamus. The community is also said to give admins tools to help them better manage all of the community's groups.

Still, the nature of these advanced instruments is unknown at this time. Because the point is still in its early phases of development, it's kept a secret.

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