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Week Rewind 75: Last Week in a Quick Snap

Week Rewind 75, you will get all the quick rewinds of last week, including hot topics and new innovations. Last week from 4th July 2022 to 10th July 2022,  was a wonderful week in terms of a

How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

Create a Discord Server Role on Desktop 1. Open the Discord server and go to the server name in the top-left corner. From the pop menu select the "Server Settings" option.     2. Now s

Facebook Revamps Groups brings in Discord like Features

Facebook overhauls groups, introduces audio channels, and chat channels and  Facebook has announced its plans of revamping Groups and adding new features. Another addition would be to let group a

What is Discord Slow Mode, and How to Enable and Configure Slow Mode

Community servers such as Discord can lead hot discussions and if userbase is large then, multiple messages will popup and makes the entire experience bad. Keeping this in mind Discord has slow mod

WhatsApp Started Working on Community Feature

WhatsApp is working on a new community point that will allow druggies to' fluently group other groups. 'WhatsApp Communities is believed to be a new place where group admins will have further contro

Best Video calling apps of 2020 for professionals

If you want something for a more professional setting, then these are your best options. Video calling is about as easy as it can possibly get these days. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit f