MediaTek Chip Prices Rises By 15%

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  • Nov 20,2024
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While MediaTek chipsets have seen a rise in demand, force constraints and the global semiconductor deficit have made them short in force. And now, the company is following other chipmakers and is supposedly raising the prices of its processors as well.

According to a UDN report, the Taiwanese chipmaking mammoth is raising the prices for some of its smartphone chips that are in high demand this month. The bump in prices is as high as 15 percent, so the company is also anticipated to see stronger performance and advanced gains due to the robust instigation. Unfortunately, the company didn't offer any commentary on its chip price hike, although, sources near to the matter verified that MediaTek has raised the prices of smartphone processors.

The sources stated that 4G LTE enabled chips saw a sharp price rise since the primary focus of chipmakers is generally the 5G smartphone request. 4G chips now hold a lower stake in the request but demand for 4G smartphones is still high in requests similar to India where 5G networking is still not capitalized. Likewise, the order of 4G handsets has caused the force of LTE- enabled phones to surpass the demand. Also, the brand’s rival, Qualcomm, is also anticipated to raise the prices of its chipsets, although, this has yet to be verified.

The rise in prices of MediaTek processors is as high as 15 percent for 4G chips and 5 percent for 5G enabled chips. The primary reason for the hike in price is due to the increased cost of products from TSMC’s foundry. Preliminarily, the company had also raised the prices of its Wi-Fi chips by about 20 percent as well while we had also reported on other foundries like Samsung raising their prices.

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